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Prenatal Paternity DNA Test

Non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity testing during pregnancy has been available since about 2002. Success rates and results vary among clients and is a new technique. Traditionally, prenatal testing is done either through ,CVS (Chorionic Villi Sampling) or Amniocentesis, both medical procedures done by an obstetrician and are quite invasive. In many cases such sample collection is difficult and due to the potential risks to the fetus many do not wish to attempt such sampling.

Through application of research technology it is now possible to determine the paternity of an fetus using a simple maternal blood sample and a simple DNA sample from the alleged father(s).

Non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity testing utilizes a blood sample taken from the pregnant woman's arm. There is no risk to the pregnant woman or to the fetus. The pregnant woman's blood contains both her DNA and that of the fetus. The fetal DNA is utilized in determining the paternity relationship. The alleged father(s) supply a DNA sample usually by means of a simple DNA specimen from buccal swabbing.

Other DNA samples from the alleged father such as, but not limited to, a hair with the root attached can also be used.

Once all samples have been received by the laboratory, an extraction procedure is used to separate fetal DNA from the maternal blood samples. Fetal DNA is extractable after 13 weeks fetal gestation.
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