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If you are helping a client with a legal matter that requires DNA testing, click here to find out how Paternity Testing Centers of Canada will work with you to perform DNA tests for your clients

Test kits at the Medicine Shoppe

Paternity Testing Centers of Canada are proud to announce that The Medicine Shoppe will now be carrying our "Non Legal" Paternity Test kit in a store near you.

You can find your nearest store by viewing the list of stores that currently carry our test by clicking here

Early Gender Reveal - Is it a Boy or Girl?

Want to know if it's a boy or a girl? With a small blood sample, we can determine the gender of a baby with 99.5% accuracy starting at just 7 weeks into the pregnancy.

The early gender detection test provides accurate results of knowing if your baby is a boy or a girl, even before ultrasound appointments.

Gender Reveal

Test Kit ($499)
All provinces excluding Manitoba
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Test Kit ($336)
Manitoba Only
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